How many of God’s people are distracted from their destiny by their own flaws?  Weary of attempting to shed those imperfections that seemingly rob God of the glory due Him as He proves Himself mighty within the life of His servant, destiny is shelved in favor of allowing time to work out personal issues.  Truth is, in light of the fall of man and the consequent forfeiture of his dominion over creation, creation is flawed by a God-given curse that is original to all who are born of a woman.  Everyone has issues, and while our issues may vary greatly according to our personality, character, background, and experience, each and everyone graced to draw breath on this side of Heaven has an issue of some sort.   For this cause, we do not seek perfection from the aspect of flawlessness, but we seek perfection from the aspect of Christian maturity, possessing an awareness of our need for God’s grace and continually placing our shortcomings under the redeeming blood of Christ. 

A lack of transparency within the Church limits many of God’s people to secret-closet confessions of weakness, frailty, and evident flaws.  Cracks and chips within the vessel are hidden to the best of the vessel’s ability, for fear of being shelved by men from ministerial works and public visibility.  The enemy gains a toe hold that becomes a foothold when ministerial works take precedence over ministry to the Lord and His purpose, and ministerial titles are thrust upon those who are hurting, those who are broken, and those who are shackled, rather than a pure Word from God that effects change.  God’s people are in need of more personal victories that become bold public declarations of the grace and power of God to continuallysaveheal, and deliver.  It is then the Holy Spirit will have liberty to displace and dispel spirits of fear and shame that have taken residence within the house of God and maintained their presence with awareness and acceptance by church leadership.